Inspired Classroom Privacy Policy

Your privacy and that of your learners is important to us:

     We do not use personal information to market or advertise to your learners, nor do we sell or share your information or learner information with third parties.

     We do not allow access to any user personal information by any third party.

Inspired Classroom does use your personal information for certain stated purposes, such as providing and improving the service and communicating with Mentors (but not Learners) about new Inspired Classroom features and events. Please read the Privacy Policy below, as it describes what information we collect from you, how we use that information, and the legal bases we have to process your information.

This Privacy Policy governs how MentorIC a product of Inspired Classroom, LLC, ("Inspired Classroom," “MentorIC,” "we," "our," or "us") uses and shares personal information collected by our website at, the MentorIC mobile app, and any associated services (collectively the “Service”).

"You" may be a:

     "Manager" (i.e., an adult over the age of 18, a mentor, other School representative, organization, non-profit, researcher or business that subscribes to the Service with the administrative right to create, invite, manage, moderate or delete an MentorIC that may be set up using the Service);

     a "Mentor" (i.e., mentor, parent, school representative, or other educational business for which one or more Managers offers the Service to Learners);

     a "Learner" (i.e., a "User" who was invited to use the Service by a mentor or Mentor); or

     a "User" (i.e., any user of the Service, including a Manager).

1. Information Inspired Classroom Collects

Inspired Classroom may collect personal information from Users as described below.

1.1 Manager and Mentor Personal Information (Collected from the Manager)

When a Manager or Mentor creates an account on the Service, we require certain information in order to create an account, such as a Manager or Mentor’s first name, last name, email address, password, instruction type, and country. If you are a mentor or represent a School, we will also collect your School email address and School name to set up an account.

When a Manager posts content (text, images, photographs, videos, messages, comments, or any other kind of content) on the Service, the information contained in the posting, including first name, last name, email address, any audio and image included within any video, will be stored by our Service for purposes of providing the Service.

When a Manager or Mentor logs into an existing account, we may collect first and last name, email address and other information specific to that third-party account to authenticate the Manager or Mentor.

When a Manager or Affiliate provides feedback to a Learner, such as replying to a presentation we store the feedback in the Service for purposes of providing the Service.

If a Mentor provides us feedback or contacts us via email, we will collect the Mentor’s name and email address, as well as any other content included in the email for purposes of replying to the Mentor and improving the Service.

1.2 Learner Personal Information

Mentors provide consent for the collection of Learner personal information as discussed in Section 6 of this Privacy Policy. When a Learner posts content (text, images, photographs, videos, messages, comments, links, or any other kind of content) using the Service, the information contained in the posting, including first name, last name, email address, and any audio and image included within any video will be stored in our Service as per the consent provided by the Managers.

If a Learner provides us with feedback or contacts us via email, we will collect the Learner's name and email address, as well as any other content included in the email, for purposes of replying to the Learner and improving the Service.

When a User uses the Service, some information may be automatically collected to help us understand how the Service is being used and how to improve the Service. For example, device type, the device identifier (UDID), the Open Device Identification Number (ODIN), date/time stamps for each visit, browser type, operating system, Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, clickstream data, and domain name are all collected for purposes of administering, and improving the Service. We may store this information in log files.

Inspired Classroom uses cookies (small text files placed on your device) and similar technologies to provide the Service. For example, they allow you to log in to secure areas of the Service and help the content of the pages load quickly. We use cookies to provide Users with a more personal, useful, and interactive experience with our Service.

The Service may include cookies from third-party service providers. In addition to the cookies we set, third parties can also set cookies when you visit our sites. Companies that deliver content, such as embedded videos and links, place cookies on their own. These companies use the data they process in accordance with their privacy policies, which may enable these companies to collect and combine information about your activities across websites, apps, or online services.

Each User has a variety of tools to control cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies, including browser controls to block and delete cookies and controls from some third-party analytics service providers to opt out of data collection through web beacons and similar technologies. User browser settings and other choices may impact the functionality of the Service.

2. Use of Personal Information

We store and process User personal information in the United States, and we use this information as follows:

     To provide the Service, including updating, securing, troubleshooting, and providing support.

     To improve and develop the Service.

     To respond to User comments and questions and provide customer service.

     To communicate with Mentors about upcoming Inspired Classroom events, new Inspired Classroom features, and other news.

     To send the User information including confirmations, technical notices, updates, security alerts, and support and administrative messages.

     To identify specific Users in our system.

     To facilitate the creation and management of accounts on our Service.

     To process and deliver orders.

     To comply with applicable laws, including website accessibility laws that may require transcription of audio or other methods to make User content available on the Service.

     For other purposes with your permission.

Inspired Classroom also does not use your personal information to track and target advertisements on third party websites or services. Inspired Classroom does not market to learners.

Inspired Classroom acknowledges that certain information about the learners may be contained in records maintained by Inspired Classroom and that this information can be confidential by reason of the Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (20 U.S. C. 1232g) ("FERPA") unless valid consent is obtained from the learners or their legal guardians. Both parties agree to protect these records in accordance with FERPA. To the extent permitted by law, nothing contained herein shall be construed as precluding either party from releasing such information to the other so that each can perform its respective responsibilities. You shall advise Inspired Classroom whenever any learners have provided consent to release information to an extent broader than as provided for by FERPA.

Inspired Classroom agrees that it may create, receive from or on your behalf, or have access to, records or record systems that are subject to the FERPA (collectively, the "FERPA Records"). Inspired Classroom represents, warrants, and agrees that it will: (1) hold the FERPA Records in strict confidence and will not use or disclose the FERPA Records except as (a) permitted or required by this Agreement, (b) required by law, or (c) otherwise authorized by you in writing; (2) safeguard the FERPA Records according to commercially reasonable administrative, physical and technical standards that are no less rigorous than the standards by which Inspired Classroom protects its own confidential information; and (3) continually monitor its operations and take any action necessary to assure that the FERPA Records are safeguarded in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. At your request, Inspired Classroom agrees to provide you with a written summary of the procedures Inspired Classroom uses to safeguard the FERPA Records.

3. Information We Share

Inspired Classroom does not sell User personal information. We do not share personal information we collect on Users (including Learners and Mentors) when Users create accounts, request support, record videos, share presentations and their experiences with us, or otherwise use the Service. We may also share User personal information with vendors, consultants, and other third-party service providers who need access to such information to carry out work on our behalf and at our direction. For example, we rely content experts to provide feedback on presentations. Those who receive shared information are contractually bound by the FERPA disclosure laws and regulations as well.

We may also share User personal information for legal, protection, and safety purposes. For example,

     We may share information to comply with applicable laws.

     We may share information to respond to lawful requests and legal processes.

     We may share information in an emergency, such as protecting the safety of our employees and agents, our Users, or any person.

     We may share information to protect the rights and property of Inspired Classroom, our agents, employees, customers, and others, including by enforcing our agreements, policies, and terms of use.

     We may disclose or transfer your personal information in connection with the sale, merger, bankruptcy, sale of assets or reorganization, in whole or in part, of our company.

Inspired Classroom reserves the right to share Users’ personal information to respond to duly authorized information requests of governmental authorities or where required by law. Inspired Classroom reserves the right to use or disclose personal information provided to Inspired Classroom in response to a lawful request by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements, or if Inspired Classroom reasonably believes that use or disclosure is necessary to protect Inspired Classroom’s rights and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process. In exceptionally rare circumstances where national, state, or company security is at issue, Inspired Classroom reserves the right to share our entire database of visitors and clients with appropriate government authorities. If we are going to share User personal information, we strive to provide the User with advance notice by e-mail unless prohibited by law from doing so.

4. Information Users Share

Each MentorIC and the content submitted to an MentorIC, such as presentations and input fields, will be displayed in the MentorIC and will be visible to the Mentor, Learner Team Members, Managers and Evaluators as administered and permitted by the Manager, subject to the Manager’s ability to deactivate or moderate submissions.

Managers choose whether Users are permitted to link to external sites. External sites are governed by their respective privacy policies. Managers may also record videos and add content.  They may share this information with others.

We may publish comments or feedback from a User about Inspired Classroom and the MentorIC only if we obtain that User’s consent.

5. Information Choices and Changes

Users may opt out of providing personal information to the Service at any time by canceling their account and uninstalling the application. Users may also delete their personal information by emailing to have their account removed or by asking their Manager to remove their content. Inspired Classroom will stop collecting the User’s personal information in these cases, but may still retain the User’s personal information as outlined in the “Data Retention” (Section 8) of this Policy (below).

Our communication email regarding events, news and other such topics explain how to opt out of receiving such emails. If a User opts out, we may still send them operational emails that pertain to the User's account and notifications regarding our services.

Users may send requests about their personal information to our contact information in Section 14 below, including to change contact choices, opt out of our sharing with others, and review, update, correct, or delete personal information. Once the User has been authenticated, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to honor these requests. We may retain an archived copy of User records as required by law. Such opt outs may result in disruption or cancellation of the Service or impairment of certain Service functionality.

Users may also contact the Manager and request that the material be permanently deleted. If the Manager is not able to remove the material, Users can contact us at and request that such material be deleted. However, we will only be able to delete the material if (a) the User provided their email address when posting the material and (b) the User sends the email request to us using that same email address. Otherwise, we may not be able to delete posted material. Deletion of material removes it from the MentorIC.

6. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and Learners

6.1 Notice to Parents and Schools

Under the United States Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"), verifiable parental consent is needed to collect, use, or disclose personal information (e.g., full name and email address) from each User under 13 years old. In accordance with COPPA, a mentor or Manager may act as the agent of the parent or legal guardian of a Learner and provide consent on behalf of the parent for Inspired Classroom’s collection, use, and disclosure of the Learner’s personal information. By enrolling a Learner under 13 to use the Service, the School asserts to us that such consent has been gained and agrees that the Learners’ activities while on the Service are subject to our Terms.

This Privacy Policy does not govern any School's collection, use, or disclosure of a Learner’s personal information through the Service, and we are not responsible for any such collection, use, or disclosure. Parents should contact the mentor or Manager directly to understand the Manager’s privacy practices or to request to access, change or delete information collected by the Manager in connection with the Service that cannot otherwise be accessed, changed or deleted as described in this Privacy Policy.

As required under COPPA, parents can make certain choices regarding how their child’s information is used. (For more information, see “Parent’s Choices Regarding Information on Learners Under 13,” in Section 6.2 below). Parents should submit these requests to the mentor or Manager, and the mentor or Managers, as the parent’s agent, must pass those requests to us by emailing

6.2 Parent’s Choices Regarding Information on Learners Under 13

Under COPPA, parents of Learners under 13 have certain rights with respect to our collection, use, retention, and disclosure of their Learner’s information. This includes the right to review, update, or delete Learner information, as well as prohibit our sharing of Learner information with third parties. Parents can exercise these rights by contacting the Learner’s Manager or Mentor, and the Mentor must submit these requests, on the parent’s behalf, to Inspired Classroom by emailing their Manager. Notwithstanding any such requests, we may continue to share the Learner information for non-Service purposes as described in Section 3, “Information We Share.”

A parent must request deletion of the Learner’s information (such as videos submitted) through the Mentor. Upon receiving such requests, the Mentor may request deletion of the Learner’s information by emailing the Manager. This will delete the Learner information from our production databases. We will not have any liability whatsoever for any termination of the account or related deletion of the Learner information. When we delete personal information, it will be deleted from our active databases but may remain in our archives for up to 30 days.

Schools and Mentors must always obtain parental consent for a Learner under 13 to use the Service.


We use industry standard security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. Our security procedures and practices are consistent with industry standards applicable to our collection and use of personal information. In the event of an unauthorized release, disclosure, or acquisition of User information, Inspired Classroom will promptly notify affected individuals (either directly or through Managers and Mentors), as required by applicable law. While we use reasonable efforts to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

8. Data Retention

We store the information we collect for the school year, or for up to 30 days in our archives when you ask for data to be deleted (as set forth in Section 6, above). Additionally, we retain User information to resolve disputes, enforce our policies, and to comply with the law.

9. How to View, Correct, or Update Personal Information

Mentors may update their information by logging into their accounts and visiting the Account Settings tab on the User profile page or portion of the interface. Parents and Learners may correct, edit, or update Learner information by submitting a request to the Mentor.

Residents of the European Economic Area may have additional rights as set forth in Section 11, below.

10. Personal Information Transferred from the EU to the United States

The Service is hosted and operated in the United States and is subject to United States law. User personal information is hosted on United States servers. Inspired Classroom is subject to the investigatory and enforcement powers of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Inspired Classroom adheres to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information transferred from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States.


11.1 Third Party Disclosures and Other Rights

Inspired Classroom complies with California's "Shine the Light" law, as applicable. Inspired Classroom does not share Learners’ personal information with third-party marketers (notably, Inspired Classroom does not share the personal information of ANY User with third party marketers). If you are a California resident you can request a list of personal information about you we have disclosed to third parties in the preceding calendar year, as well as the names and addresses of those third parties. You may make such a request only once per year, and we will comply without cost to you. To make a request, email

Inspired Classroom also complies with California's Digital Protection of Minors Act, as applicable.

11.2 How We Respond to Do Not Track Signals

We do not currently respond to "do not track" signals or other mechanisms that might enable consumers to opt out of tracking on our

12. Inspired Classroom complies with Montana’s Learner Privacy Laws

Inspired Classroom agrees that all learner information and records are the property of and under the control of the school. Inspired Classroom agrees to provide any such records to the school if requested for transfer or possession by learner. No third party shall use any information in learner records for any purpose other than to provide the Service. A parent, legal guardian, or eligible learner may review personally identifiable information in the learner's records and correct erroneous information as described above. All third-party support service providers will be contractually bound by Montana Learner Privacy Laws. In the event of unauthorized disclosure of learner information, Inspired Classroom shall promptly notify all affected individuals.

13. Changes to this Policy

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make changes to this Privacy Policy that we believe will materially affect your rights, we will notify you by email about these changes and post a notice to the Service and change the "Last Updated" date above. If you continue to use our service after we provide such notice, you are agreeing to accept these changes. Otherwise, for non-material changes, the Privacy Policy will be updated on the Service. You should consult this Policy regularly for any changes.

14. Contact Information

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or wish to contact us, please contact